Milford Haven Port Authority
April 21, 2015, 7:53am

Steve Duignan is heading up a team of surveyors and engineers for the detailed work, having successfully obtained detailed planning permission for the re-provision of the Happy Days Nursery in the Havens Head Business Park, above Milford Docks, for the upgrading of the complex on the same site, using a pre-fabricated system once demolition of the existing building is complete.

The tenants have temporarily relocated and the demolition, site works, and craning in of the new sections on to the site all needs to take place prior to July 2015 when they return.

In addition to PDL co-ordinating the consultants/sectional building contractor, Chris Richards of PDL is also responsible for CDMC duties, as the works were commenced when the old system of Health & Safety was in force, and they will be complete well before the October 2015 deadline when compliance with the former system will cease.

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