Royal Visit to Former Dockyard Chapel
May 6, 2014, 8:59am

Gareth Scourfield was honoured to be in attendance in a dual capacity for Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip’s visit to unveil the timeline wall for Pembroke Dock, commemorating its 200 year history and for the office opening of the Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre which is run by the Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust and is housed in the unique former Georgian Chapel within the grounds of the former Royal Dockyard.

Gareth was responsible for the design of the wall, in the form of a wave, onto which the town’s primary school children, working with local artists, stuck a number of tiles depicting the towns story to date, and as one of the Trustees responsible for raising artefacts from the T9044 Short Sunderland currently lying in 20 metres of water in the Milford Haven Waterway, and providing the links to this former Royal Naval Dockyard town that was first founded by the Admiralty, where over 250 vessels were built and launches before it closed in 1926 – which included 4 Royal Yachts.

The town was also the largest flying boat base during WWII, when nearly 100 Sunderlands, Catalina’s and other amphibious aircraft and their crews from all over the Commonwealth were stationed there in support of the Battle of the Atlantic, and were engaged in trying to stop Nazi Germany’s U-boats sinking merchant shipping bringing vital supplies to the UK from America.


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